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Loop Lines 1 & 2 - Lincoln and Siloam Springs areas

SourceGas has embarked on the construction and operation of two new segments of natural gas pipeline consisting of a total of approximately 23.0 miles of 8-5/8” wrapped steel pipe as part of its transmission system. The proposed pipelines are needed to address anticipated capacity shortfalls which may occur as early as the winter of 2013-2014 in the Lincoln area and within the next five to seven years in the East Siloam Springs area. There is also a need to insure system reliability for the areas in and around Gravette, Siloam Springs, and Lincoln.

Phase 1 consists of approximately 6.1 miles (32,105 feet) of 8-5/8” steel pipe in the Hiwassee, AR area and terminating in Gravette, AR.
(Click here to see Project Location map Loop Line Phase 1).
Phase 2 consists of approximately 16.9 miles (89,010 feet) of 8-5/8” steel pipe beginning East of Siloam Springs and terminating North of Summers. (Click here to see Project Location map Loop Line Phase 2)

Loop Line 1 has been completed:
June 4 - 1200” of 8” in ground; 2200’ of ditch open; 5800’ of pipe welded and ready to lower.
June 14
- Loop line 1 is progressing well.  Approximately 95% of the RoW Clearing complete.  Approximately 50% of the bores complete.  Approximately 5,000 feet welded and installed.
June 21 - Loop line 1 in North Benton County is showing continuous progress with pipeline installations and Highway 72 bore being complete to set construction crews up for work starting in the location of Gravette schools in the following weeks.
July 8 - 95% of the clearing has been completed. 71% of the pipe stringing completed. Welding & X-ray started, about 65% completed. 85% of the Bores are completed as well.
July 18 - Loop Line One has 70% of completion, with our Contractor starting ground work of new location for Gravette Border Station. 100% of the bores have been made on this project.
August 1 - So far, we have 17,400’ of pipe in the ground - we're approximately 50% complete with the pipe installation.
August 15 - We now have 97% of the clearing and stringing completed, and 50% of the pipe in the ground.
September 16 - We now have 90% of the pipeline installed and expect approximately 2 weeks for completion of entire pipeline, followed by final tie-ins and cleanup.
October 21 -  We now have 97% of the pipeline completed. Clean-up is underway, and we'll begin to Hydro Test next week.
November 19 - 100% of the pipe is in the ground. The contractor is preparing for the Hydro Test today. We will begin tie-ins to the valve sites next week. Gas may be flowing by mid-December
Project has been completed

Loop Line 2 Updates:
June 4 - Began road bores; 90% of gaps installed
June 14 - Loop Line 2 Approximately 46% of the RoW cleared.  Approximately 14,000 feet of pipe strung to be welded.
June 21 - Loop Line 2 in South Benton County and Western Washington County is showing progress with approximately 14,000 feet of steel pipe being welded for installation. With both lines showing progress, potential customers along the route and surrounding areas are inquiring about natural gas services daily.
July 8 - 53% of the Clearing has been completed.  39% of the pipe stringing has been completed.  Welding & X-Ray started, and will begin ditching this week.
July 18 - Loop Line 2 has 17,000 feet of pipe strung out with approximately half of  total pipe welded with installation starting on this project. 30% of bores have been made at this time.
August 1 - So far, we have 12,200’ of pipe in the ground - approximately 14% complete.
August 15 - We now have about 57% of the clearing completed, about 43% of the stringing completed, and 20% of the pipe in the ground.
September 16 - We now have 30% of the pipeline in the ground, and the Illinois River bore underway.
October 21 - We now have 50% of the pipe in-ground, and 79% of the pipe strung. Installing Launcher/Receivers for future maintenance.
November 19 - 60% of the line is in the ground and backfilled. The Contractor is working on valve settings on both ends. We still have 4 large bores remaining.
Project will resume in the spring.

March 17 - 400’ of pipe remaining to be installed. 2 bores remaining to be completed. Projected completion expected to be May 1, 2014.

Check back for more information as these projects progress.

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