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Company History

The focus of SourceGas Arkansas is providing customers across north Arkansas with quality natural gas service. The Company serves more than 150,000 customers in over 90 communities with 4 regional offices.

Formerly Arkansas Western Gas company (AWG), the Company has nearly 80 years of history in Arkansas. The Company was incorporated in 1929 under the laws of the state of Arkansas to provide natural gas utility service to Northwest Arkansas. An 87 mile 8-inch pipeline was built from the Clarksville Gas Field in Johnson County to Fayetteville in Northwest Arkansas. This was a large undertaking in 1929, requiring the efforts of over 400 men and a great number of mules.

In the early 1940s, the company began serving gas customers in the Arkansas River Valley area communities of Paris, Ozark and Clarksville. Then, in the 1940s and 1950s many more miles of gas pipelines and distribution mains were laid to serve thousands of new customers in the communities of Northwest Arkansas. In 1947, the system was extended across the Ozark Mountains to serve Harrison and neighboring communities in north-central Arkansas.

To satisfy increasing customer consumption, the company inaugurated a natural gas well drilling program in Arkansas in the early 1940s. Hundreds of natural gas wells were drilled in the Arkoma Basin near Ozark, many of which continue to supply customers today. Over the next several decades, AWG grew with the northwest and north-central Arkansas communities it serves. By the end of the 1970s, AWG had grown to 308 employees, serving 70,000 customers in 55 communities in 11 counties.

In 1978, a holding company, Southwestern Energy Company (SWN) was created to separate this growing entity into functional companies. Arkansas Western Gas became a wholly owned subsidiary of SWN and continued its original mission - to serve gas customers in northwest and north-central Arkansas.

In 1988, AWG's utility service territory expanded into Northeast Arkansas with the purchase of Associated Natural Gas. In 1993, AWG began to extend service to several communities in the Mountain View area of north-central Arkansas.

On July 1, 2008 AWG was purchased by SourceGas. SourceGas is a natural gas local distribution utility now headquartered in Golden, Colorado, with operations in Colorado, Nebraska, Wyoming, and Arkansas. With the addition of AWG, SourceGas serves nearly 410,000 customers and operates 17,700 miles of distribution, gathering and transmission pipeline, as well as storage facilities.

On July 1, 2011, Arkansas Western Gas Company officially became SourceGas Arkansas Inc.(SourceGas). 

Today SourceGas continues to focus on providing customers across northern Arkansas with safe, reliable natural gas service.