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Natural gas is the right choice for poultry farmers

The key to running a profitable business is efficiency, and poultry farmers across Arkansas are constantly looking for new ways to streamline their production costs, especially in the areas of heating and brooding.

Here are a few ways natural gas from SourceGas can help you achieve that goal:

::  Economics – Heat generated by natural gas is comparable that of propane, but at a significantly lower cost. Why? Because natural gas is a domestic product. The abundance of natural gas makes it far less vulnerable to dramatic price fluctuations than propane. And 99% of the natural gas we provide in Arkansas is produced right here in Arkansas.

::  Dependability – While natural gas is measurably less expensive than propane, it’s also cleaner, more reliable, and far more efficient in delivery and performance.

::  Investment – Natural gas pays for itself. Although there is an initial investment in the conversion process, our customers report that they’ve recouped those costs in a relatively short amount of time.

Click here for more information about how Natural Gas compairs to Propane.

SourceGas is expanding its reach into rural areas, which makes it possible for many poultry growers in northwestern Arkansas to convert from propane to natural gas. Please call us at 1.855.583.6959 for more information and to find out if natural gas is available in your area. And remember, all conversion and equipment changes should be performed by a qualified gas technician.