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Business Services

Working with the SourceGas Business Services Team can enhance your company's energy management efforts. We have the expertise to help you minimize risk and maximize return on your energy dollar. The strengths we bring to the table while working together to add value to your business include:
  • Over 50 years of combined experience in the energy industry
  • Two Certified Energy Managers (CEM) on staff
  • Mechanical Engineer (ME) on staff
  • Knowledge of today's dynamic energy environment and complex tariff structures
  • Experience in an evolving deregulated energy market- we understand the opportunities available to you as well as the risks
  • Expertise in understanding your historical energy use - how, when, where and why you consume energy
  • Insight on energy rates
  • Detailed knowledge of natural gas technologies that will offer you reliability, flexibility and savings potential
Let the SourceGas Business Services Team be an asset to your company by providing the following consulting services that are free to you, our valued customer:
  • Equipment Surveys
  • Energy Analyses
  • Tariff Evaluations and Rate Analyses
  • Equipment Recommendations
  • Educational Presentations on Natural Gas Technologies

Contact us:

 Scotty Edmonson  870-741-5500  North central (Harrison area) and Northeast Arkansas (Blytheville area)
 Jeff Laney  479-582-7822  Northwest Arkansas (Benton County)
Tim Smith 479-582-7823  Northwest Arkansas (Washington & Madison Counties)
 Leonard Tidyman  479-582-7817  Northwest Arkansas (Ozark and River Valley)

For More Information, please contact:

Scotty Edmonson
Client Service Representative
North Central (Harrison area) and Northeastern Arkansas (Blytheville area)
Office:  870-741-5500

Jeff Laney
Senior Client Service Representative
Northwest Arkansas (Benton County)
Office: 479-582-7822

Tim Smith

Client Service Representative
Northwest Arkansas (Washington & Madison Counties)
Office: 479-582-7823

Leonard Tidyman
Senior Client Service Representative
Northwest Arkansas (Ozark & River Valley area)
Office:  479-582-7817