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DOT Drug & Alcohol Compliance

Important Notice to Potential SourceGas Contractors DOT-PHMSA Pipeline Drug/Alcohol Program Compliance

SourceGas requires that all potential contractors have a requirement to contact National Compliance Management Services (NCMS) to determine if the services that your company could provide to us would subject your company and its employees to the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) and the Department of Transportation (DOT) drug/alcohol testing requirements.

There are several options available to contractors to help determine if a particular contractor requires compliance with the drug/alcohol regulations and those options are outlined below:

Option #1

Contractor may contact Bridget Schmitt at (phone) 620-669-4412, (fax) 620-669-8430 or send an e-mail to either Bridget at or Tricia Radke at (phone) 620-669-4423 (fax) 620-669-4465 for guidance and to discuss any potential compliance issues.

Option #2

Contractor may obtain the required "Contractor Request Package" information and all forms from the NCMS web site ( Once you have accessed the website click on "DOT - Dept. of Transportation" - then click on, "Contractor Package." This link will allow access to the entire audit package, information that contains a brief explanation of their purpose in the audit process and auditing forms that must be provide to NCMS in order to determine your company's compliance with the pipeline drug/alcohol testing requirements.

It is important that all the requested audit items be returned to NCMS for evaluation to determine your company’s compliance. Failure to provide the necessary forms and documentation to NCMS may delay the audit process and your company’s ability to perform the covered functions for SourceGas.