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Benefits of Natural Gas

Natural gas is an economical energy source that keeps your home comfortable, is gentler on the environment than other energy sources, and is produced right here at home. 85 percent of the natural gas U.S. consumers use is produced domestically (the remaining 15 percent comes from neighboring Canada via pipeline). 100% of the natural gas from SourceGas is American natural gas.

The many benefits of a natural gas home include:
  • One of the best energy saving choices you can make is to install a gas water heater rather than electric. Gas water heaters provide far more hot water at a much lower cost than comparable electric models. Most models do not even require electricity to operate.
  • The great chefs of the world cook with gas because the flame is controllable, heat is available instantly, heat does not linger when turned off, consistent results are produced and the gas oven provides a moist even heat.
  • Gas grills provide the fastest, most economical and controllable outdoor cooking.
  • Gas space heating models are available with thermostat controls and in very efficient vent-free models that do not require duct work. Many models can be used during power outages.
  • Central home heating with natural gas provides a truly warm, comfortable heat no matter how severe the weather outside.
  • Bring warmth, efficiency and ambiance to your home with gas fireplaces. These clean burning appliances can provide instant heat with no electricity needed.
  • Gas clothes dryers will provide fresh-smelling, fluffy laundry in much less time than electric models. Not only will your clothes dry faster, but with natural gas, the cost of drying is significantly less than with electric.
  • Patio, yard and street gaslights provide an attractive, nostalgic glow to your outdoor spaces without attracting insects. More Gas Product Info

Convert to Natural Gas

Why is converting to natural gas the smart choice?

1. Save Money
2. Convenience
3. Safe and Reliable
4. Clean and Efficient
5. American

You’ll save money.

Results vary, but you can expect to save up to 60% on water and space heating with natural gas over propane or electricity. If you convert your cooking and clothes drying appliances, you’ll save even more.  To see how much you could save with Natural Gas, click our  Energy Calculator and see the savings for yourself!
Save with natural gas

Converting is easy and affordable.

Typical installations take about a day and you can spread out the installation costs by having it added directly to your bill. Low monthly payments start at $20, but most likely you’ll still be paying less than you were before converting.

Natural gas is comfortable.

Natural gas provides “warmer” warm air for home heating, more hot water faster, quicker clothes drying times and more control in cooking.

It’s safe and reliable.

The safest energy delivery system in America, natural gas is a safe and reliable natural resource that 177 million Americans depend on to heat their homes, warm their water and cook their food.

Natural gas is clean.

Natural gas is one of the cleanest burning fossil fuels on the planet. Households with natural gas produce 37% lower greenhouse emissions than homes with all-electric appliances.

It’s American.

The U.S. is the world’s largest natural gas producer, fueling our economy and reducing our dependence on foreign energy.


Homeowners with Propane Heat:

Along with saving up to 60% on your bill, you never have to worry about filling up your tank or running out. If you recently filled your tank but still want to convert, simply have SourceGas install a gas line and switch over to natural gas when it runs out.

Homeowners with Electric Heat:

If you currently use electric for heating, you’ll get the most efficient mix by using electricity for your lights and electronics and natural gas for heating and water heating. Homeowners with baseboards or radiators who don’t want to install ductwork can still reap the benefits of natural gas simply by adding a natural gas fireplace as a supplemental heat source. Plus, save with a natural gas water heater, clothes dryer, range and grill.

To see how natural gas compares to electricity and propane in your area, click our  Energy Calculator and see the savings for yourself!

Not on gas and want to convert?

For more information and a free bid call our New Service Line at



Not on gas and want to convert?

For more information and a free bid call our New Service Line at