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Natural Gas Facts

What is Natural Gas?

Natural gas is a naturally occurring vapor that is colorless and odorless in its original state. Natural gas is composed primarily of methane (CH4), with small amounts of other hydrocarbons. In order to make leak detection easier, an identifying odor is added before delivery to the customer. Natural gas is a clean-burning fossil fuel that releases energy when burned.

How Natural Gas Travels to Your Home

More than 1.3 million miles of underground steel pipelines move natural gas across the U.S. from over 280,000 wells to areas where it is used by 175 million customers. Large engines in compressor stations push the gas through these long pipelines, called gas transmission lines. Today, pipelines carry natural gas to nearly all populated areas of North America. If all the natural gas pipelines in North America alone were joined together end-to-end, they would circle the earth more than 40 times!

Benefits Of Natural Gas

Natural gas provides solutions for many consumer needs. Gas products are available for cooking, central heating and air conditioning, space heating, fireplaces and logs, water heating, clothes drying and outdoor grilling and lighting. In nearly every case where a gas and a competing electric product exist, the gas product will feature significantly lower operating costs. You just can't find another energy source that provides the instant heat and true warmth of gas furnaces and other gas appliances, no matter how cold the weather outside. Natural gas exists in abundance right here in the U.S., with large reserves in the neighboring countries of Canada and Mexico. We are not dependent upon other parts of the world to supply this clean burning, non-polluting energy source.

Natural Gas and Our Environment

SourceGas is serious about its duty to protect and preserve the environment. We've dedicated ourselves to providing our customers with a highly efficient and clean-burning product. In fact, our entire industry is serious about protecting the health and safety of our consumers and of our earth.