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How Natural Gas Travels to Your Home

SourceGas is the delivery company that maintains the safety and reliability of the local underground distribution system that delivers the gas to homes and businesses across northern Arkansas.

SourceGas' natural gas delivery system consists of approximately 5,595 miles of gas mains and serves over 148,000 customers in 18 counties in Arkansas. The diagram above details the major components of the system that safely delivers natural gas from wells underground to your home.

Natural gas is a fossil fuel composed almost entirely of methane (a hydrocarbon gas) usually found in deep (1) underground reservoirs formed by porous rock. In making its journey from the (2) wellhead to the customer, natural gas may travel thousands of miles through (3) interstate pipelines owned and operated by pipeline companies or through SourceGas' transmission pipeline system.

Because gas flowing from higher to lower pressure is the fundamental principle of the natural gas delivery system, (4) compressor stations may be located every 50-60 miles along the pipelines to boost pressure that is lost through friction. Also along the route, the natural gas may be (5) stored underground in depleted oil and gas wells or other natural geological formations for use during seasonal periods of high demand. SourceGas also operates compressor stations and underground storage facilities to ensure adequate natural gas supplies are always available for its customers.

Interstate pipelines interconnect with other pipelines and other utility systems, offering system operators flexibility in moving the gas from point to point. The natural gas eventually reaches SourceGas through a (6) gate station, where it is measured and injected with an odorant for safety, then distributed to customers through SourceGas' local distribution system of steel and plastic pipelines.