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Billing Options

New Billing Option

Electronic/Paperless Bill.

Eliminate one paper bill with SourceGas' electronic bill option. All SourceGas customers who sign-up for electronic bill will receive monthly notices via email and will be able to view their gas bill online via the SourceGas website. Participants in this option will still be able to use any of our convenient Payment Options. Sign-up is quick, simple and secure. All you need is your customer number. And best of all, one less paper bill will arrive in your mail box. Electronic bill replaces the former ebill program.

Standard Billing Plan

  • Billed on actual usage
  • Due 22 days after mail date

Levelized Billing Plan

  • Reduce the impact of large winter bills
  • You can stabilize your bills by signing up for our levelized billing plan which calculates the monthly payment by averaging your bills over the last year

Bank Draft Plan

  • Your bill is mailed 22 days before the payment is automatically withdrawn from your bank account - no check to write and mail
  • Works well with the Levelized Billing Plan - you know in advance approximately how much you'll have to pay and when the money will be withdrawn

Extended Due Date Plan

  • Under certain circumstances, qualifying residential customers can extend their due date to coincide more closely with the receipt of their fixed income
  • To see if you qualify, contact us at 1-800-563-0012.

Penalty Waiver Plan

  • If you are 65 plus years of age or handicapped and are having a hard time paying your bill by the due date, the late payment charge could be eliminated
  • Please contact us at 1-800-563-0012 for more information.