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WNA Adjustment

Q. Why is a "Weather Normalization Adjustment" on my bill this month?

A. The company's rates are based upon normal temperatures calculated on a thirty (30) year average of the daily high and low temperatures. The Weather Normalization Adjustment (WNA) was recommended by the Arkansas Public Service Commission and is designed to reduce fluctuations in billings when the actual temperatures are above or below this 30-year average.
If the weather is colder than the 30-year average, the adjustment will be a credit on your bill. If the weather is warmer than the 30-year average, the adjustment will be a debit or a charge on your bill.
The WNA is in effect during the months of November through April and is included for those customers with rate schedules of Residential (R-1), Small Business (B-1) and Business (B-2).

Q. Why did the Weather Normalization Adjustment have to be corrected?
A. The Weather Normalization Adjustment is a calculation based on weather data loaded into the billing system. Unfortunately, incorrect weather data was provided during March which caused the calculations to be incorrect. The weather data has been corrected and the Weather Normalization Adjustment has been re-calculated using the corrected weather data.