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WNA Adjustment

Q. Why is a "Weather Normalization Adjustment" on my bill this month?

A. The company's rates are based upon normal temperatures calculated on a thirty (30) year average of the daily high and low temperatures.
If the weather is colder than the 30-year average, the adjustment will be a credit on your bill. If the weather is warmer than the 30-year average, the adjustment will be a debit or a charge on your bill.
The WNA is in effect during the months of November through April and is included for those customers with rate schedules of Residential (R-1), Small Business (B-1) and Business (B-2).

Q. Why did the Weather Normalization Adjustment have to be corrected?
A.  The Weather Normalization Adjustment is a calculation based on several factors programmed into the billing system. Due to a slight error that has since been corrected, variables for calculating the adjustment had to be updated for the 2012/2013 Winter Heating season and 2013/2014 Winter Heating Season.