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Getting Service Started

Q. How do I apply for gas service?
A. It's easy. Just call us at 1-800-563-0012 or tell one of our customer service representatives that you want gas service. They'll get all the necessary information, and they can tell you if we already provide gas service to your residence.

Q. What do you mean by the residential class of service?
A. It basically means providing natural gas to people who live in houses, mobile homes, duplexes and apartment houses for their personal use. And by "people," we mean individuals or single families who have their accounts in their own names. For example, any family dwelling that's individually metered. The distinction gets a little more difficult when someone operates a business out of their home, but so long as more than half of the gas service is being used for personal, and not business needs, it's classified as residential.

Q. Is there a charge for turning on the gas?
A. In most cases, there is no connection charge. After you apply and are approved for service, we schedule a time the following day between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, except for holidays, to come out and turn on your gas. These are our normal working hours, and we make every effort to start your service as soon as possible after your application has been approved. If waiting for your gas to be connected would threaten your health or create a hardship for you, you may request that we connect your service as soon as we can - including during non-business hours. For non-business hours connection, there is a non-refundable connection charge. The amount of the charge is reflected in SourceGas' charges related to customer activity tariff.

Q. What's a "reconnection charge"?
A. If you terminate your service and then ask for it to start again at the same location within twelve (12) months, you pay a reconnection charge. The reconnection charge is calculated by multiplying the customer charge by the months your service has been disconnected. If your service is suspended for non-payment, you will also be required to pay a reconnection charge. These charges, as well as other charges reflected in SourceGas' charges related to customer activity tariff, are approved by the Arkansas Public Service Commission.

Q. Do you require a deposit to turn on the gas?
A. Yes, we do. For new customers, it's an amount that's no more than two average monthly gas bills. For example, assume the average residential gas bill is $40 per month. Your deposit would be $80 ($40 + $40 = $80).

Q. Are there times when a deposit isn't required for a residential customer?
A. Yes, there are a few situations when it isn't necessary:
  1. Obviously, if you've been receiving gas service from us somewhere else and have a good credit history, we can transfer your existing deposit; or,
  2. If you provide a letter from your previous utility company that attests to your good credit history for the past twelve (12) months, we'll waive the deposit; or,
  3. If you provide a written guarantee from one of our existing Residential customers who has excellent credit with us, and who will be responsible in the event you can't pay your bill, we'll waive the deposit.
Q. If I'm required to pay a deposit, do I have to pay all the deposit before you'll start gas service?
A. No. You can pay your deposit in several different ways. Just choose the one that's easiest for you. You may:
  1. Pay the full amount when you apply for service; or,
  2. Pay one-half (1/2) of the deposit at the time of application, with the balance to be included on the first month's bill.
Q. Do I ever get the deposit back?
A. You sure do, as a residential customer. Your deposit, plus interest, will be automatically credited to your account after twelve (12) months IF:
  1. Your account is paid up; and,
  2. Has not been delinquent during the twelve (12) month period; and,
  3. None of the checks you wrote to pay your gas bills during the twelve (12) months were returned because of "Insufficient Funds," and the due date has elapsed. And, of course, if you're leaving our system, we'll apply your deposit, plus interest, to your outstanding balance and mail you a final bill.

Q. Does my deposit earn interest?
A. Yes. We'll pay you interest on your money at a rate determined annually by the Arkansas Public Service Commission. Interest will be paid to you annually as a credit to your May/June gas bill. Your deposit will not earn interest once we have attempted to refund your money.

Q. After I start getting gas service, do you ever require an additional deposit?
A. Sometimes, but we'll only do that when:
  1. We have to suspend your service because you haven't paid your gas bills; or,
  2. You're late in paying your bill by the close of business on the due date five (5) times in the past twelve (12) months, or two (2) times in a row; or,
  3. Two (2) of your gas bill checks "bounce" because of insufficient funds in the last twelve (12) months; or,
  4. Your actual usage during the first twelve (12) months exceeds the estimated usage upon which the deposit was first calculated; or,
  5. If during the last twenty-four (24) months you have misrepresented your identity or other facts relevant to the conditions under which you obtained or continued service; or,
  6. If you obtained, diverted or used service without authorization or have tampered with utility equipment during the last two (2) years; or,
  7. If you file for bankruptcy, we may require adequate assurance of payment in the form of deposit or other security.
Q. Do I have to pay the entire additional deposit at once?
A. An existing customer who is required to post a deposit may pay one-half (1/2) of the deposit in equal installments with the next two (2) bills.