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Common Billing Questions

Billing Services

Q. What determines what I am charged for gas service?
A. Click here to learn how your gas bill is determined and to view a sample bill.

Q. How often will I be billed for gas service?
A. Monthly

Q. How long is my billing period?
A. Your billing period will normally be not less than twenty-five (25) days, but no more than thirty-five (35) days, unless it is your first or final bill.

Q. How do I get my bill?

A. We'll mail your bill to you at your service location. Or, you can request that we send your bill to an address other than the service location.

Q. Am I liable for my bill if I don't get it for some reason?
A. Yes, you are. Call us or come by our office as soon as you think your bill has been lost. The failure to get a bill doesn't extend the time for payment or avoid a Shut-Off Notice if the account is overdue.

Q. Can I get a copy of my bill?
A. Sure, just call or come by our office.

Q. What kind of information appears on my gas bill?
A. View a sample residential bill.

Q:  What is the "Black Hills Customer Credit" that is on my bill?
A:  Following the acquisition of SourceGas by Black Hills Energy, Black Hills Energy will apply an annual credit to each customer’s April bill. The Customer Credit is to demonstrate the post-acquisition benefits to the SourceGas customers. The Customer Credit will be applied once annually for the earlier of a period of 5 years or when new base rates become effective.

Q. What is a "CCF" that is on my bill each month?
A. A CCF is one hundred cubic feet of gas and is the unit of measurement for your monthly gas consumption as determined by the reading we get from your meter each month.

Q. What is a "EECR" that is on my bill each month?
A. The Energy Efficiency Cost Recovery is applied to every CCF of gas delivered to all customers. The funds collected are used for energy efficiency program costs.

Q. Why is a "Weather Normalization Adjustment" on my bill this month?
A. The company's rates are based upon normal temperatures calculated on a thirty (30) year average of the daily high and low temperatures. The Weather Normalization Adjustment (WNA) was recommended by the Arkansas Public Service Commission and is designed to reduce fluctuations in billings when the actual temperatures are above or below this 30-year average.
If the weather is colder than the 30-year average, the adjustment will be a credit on your bill. If the weather is warmer than the 30-year average, the adjustment will be a debit or a charge on your bill.
The WNA is in effect during the months of November through April and is included for those customers with rate schedules of Residential (R-1), Small Business (B-1) and Business (B-2).

Q. Why did the Weather Normalization Adjustment have to be corrected?
A. The Weather Normalization Adjustment is a calculation based on weather data loaded into the billing system. Unfortunately, incorrect weather data was provided during March which caused the calculations to be incorrect. The weather data has been corrected and the Weather Normalization Adjustment has been re-calculated using the corrected weather data.

Q. What is the "Cost of Gas" charge that is on my bill each month?
A. The cost of gas is the amount that SourceGas pays its suppliers for the gas that you use; therefore, the rate per CCF is subject to change over time. The cost of gas is passed to customers dollar for dollar, SourceGas makes no profit from this portion of your monthly bill amount. The volume of gas you use impacts the cost of gas amount on your bill.

Q. What is "Franchise Tax"?
A.  These charges, if applicable, recover local municipal franchise fees charged by your local and state governments. We collect taxes and franchise fees and remit all monies collected to the applicable local and state governments.

Q.  What is the Main Replacement Program (MRP)?
A.  SourceGas Arkansas' highest priority is system and customer safety. The Main Replacement Program (MRP) systematically replaces bare steel and unprotected, coated steel gas mains and service lines, plus any type of main that becomes subject to government agency advisories in the future. In July, 2014 the Arkansas Public Service Commission approved the program and the associated costs will be shared by all SourceGas Arkansas customers.

Q. If I own more than one house or structure at different locations, will I get more than one bill?
A. You'll get bills for each service location, because we will meter and bill each one individually. This falls under the "separate billing" part of our rates. Basically, we meter and bill structures separately - even when they're owned by the same person or business, when one of the following conditions occurs:
  1. When the separate houses or structures are not on the same tract of land or contiguous (i.e.: next to) tracts of land; or,
  2. When each unit is a complete unit - not physically integrated with or essentially a part of the other or others and each renders a complete service or produces a finished product. Tracts of land separated by public streets, roads or alleys are considered to be contiguous.
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Payment Questions

Q. How much time do I have to pay my bill?
A. The due date of bills in a particular cycle is based on when the bills are mailed. SourceGas customers are permitted twenty-two (22) days from the date the bill is mailed to make their payment. The Arkansas Public Service Commission has established the length of the billing period. The due date of your bill is clearly identified by the words "Due by" that precede it. Your payment must be received in our offices or by an authorized agent by 5 p.m. on the due date.

Q. Is my gas payment due on the same day each month?
A. Probably not. Our meter readers can't read all our customer's meters at the same time each month, so we send out bills in several cycles during the month. Each cycle has a different due date. Since the due date can't be on a holiday or weekend, we extend the date to the next working day. As a result, your due date can change from month to month.

Q. How can I pay my bill?
A. Payment Options information

Q. What type of payments will an authorized collection agent accept?
A. Any authorized collection agent will accept the following types of payments:
  1. Payments for gas bills paid in full on or before the due date of the bill.
  2. Payments for shut-off notices paid in full on or before the due date of the shut-off notice.
Q. Can I pay my bill after normal business hours?
A.  Yes, there are several options. You can contact our customer care center at 1-800-563-0012 and pay by credit card through our automated payment system any time day or night. You can also pay online with a credit card by logging into your account or using the Log In button above. You can also pay at your local Walmart store for a small fee. Please have your account number available for any of these options. Any payments received after 5 p.m. on the due date are subject to a penalty and delinquency..

Q. Is there a charge if my gas bill check "bounces"?
A. Unfortunately, yes. Because of the extra time and processing involved in returning your check, you'll be charged an additional amount for checks returned to us marked NSF (Not Sufficient Funds). The amount of the NSF charge can be found in SourceGas' charges related to customer activity tariff. 
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Meter Reading Questions

Q. Do you ever estimate a bill instead of actually reading the meter?
A. Yes. Suppose there's been a heavy snowfall and we cannot read your meter, your meter gets damaged, or we are unable to gain access to read your meter. In those instances and certain others, we will estimate your usage. The fairest way to estimate your bill is to use your usage for the same period from the previous year, and that's what we do. We also take into consideration differences in weather and any changes in the type of service you receive.

Q. Can I look on my bill and tell if my meter was actually read or if my bill was estimated?
A. Yes, you can. Any time we estimate usage, we clearly state that fact on the face of the bill.

Q.  How can I verify the accuracy of my gas bill?
A. Our meters are read and your billing is based on the amount of gas you have used during the billing period. There are several options available to confirm the accuracy of our billings:
  1. You can contact your local office to verify your meter reading; or,
  2. If the meter reading is correct, you may request that your meter be tested. There may be a charge for this test (see SourceGas' charges related to customer activity tariff).Contact your local office for further information.

Q. Can I read my meter myself to double-check the meter reader?
A. Sure. The dials on your gas meter register the amount of gas used in units of 100 cubic feet. Reading your meter is similar to reading a clock. Here's what to do:
  1. Face the meter and read the dials from left to right. Only the top four (4) numbers appear on your bill.
  2. Read the numbers as indicated by the hands on the dials. If a hand is between two (2) numbers, read the smaller number, except when the hand is between 0 and 9 as in "B," in which case you read the number 9. In the illustration below, dial A reads 6, dial B reads 9, dial C reads 4 and dial D reads 5. The correct reading for this meter is 6945.
Take a look at your bill and see when the meter was read last month, then read it yourself on the same day this month. Wait until you receive your bill and then compare your readings with ours. If the date you read the meter is the same as ours, both readings should be roughly the same. If the readings are not close, please call and we'll dispatch a service technician to re-read your meter.

Q. What can I do if I think my meter's not working properly?
A. Call us as soon as you notice the problem. We'll visually inspect the meter. Then, if we think it might be defective, or if you request that we check it more thoroughly, we'll take it back to our shop and bench test it. If we find that the meter is reading accurately, the Arkansas Public Service Commission permits us to charge you a nominal fee for the meter test. If we discover that your meter is defective, we'll make an adjustment on your bill or make a refund to you within a reasonable time.

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Billing & Payment Plan Options

Q. Do you offer billing plans to help me budget expenses and simplify bill payment?
A. Billing options information.

Q. I am having difficulty paying my bill. What can I do?
A. If you can't pay the gas bill in full, we have a program that will allow you to make monthly payments on a current or past due amount. To qualify for this plan you must:
  1. Contact us prior to the last day to pay on the shut-off notice; and,
  2. You agree to pay your future bills by the due date and pay 1/4 of the past due amount as a down payment and the balance in installments over a three month period; and,
  3. Your account does not currently have an Account Settlement Agreement; and,
  4. You have not defaulted on an Account Settlement Agreement (ASA) within the last 12 months.

Q. How does an Account Settlement Agreement work?
A. If you can't pay your gas bill in full, we won't turn off the gas if you agree to:
  1. Pay a reasonable portion of the past due bill; and,
  2. Pay the balance of the bill in reasonable installments; and,
  3. Pay in full all future bills during the period of the Agreement by their due dates.
In setting up the Account Settlement Agreement, we will take into consideration your ability to pay, the size of the unpaid bill, your payment history and the length of time and reasons your account hasn't been paid. Our finance charge on the unpaid balance won't exceed the maximum amount allowed by the Arkansas Public Service Commission on the date into which the agreement is entered. If we bill you for an amount to correct a previous underbilling, we'll allow you to pay back the underbilled amount over a period of time that's equal to the period when the underbilling occurred. If the underbilling is our fault or it's impossible to determine whose fault it was, we won't impose a finance charge.

Q. What can I do if I'm going to be away for an extended period of time but want my gas left on?
A. Just call us ahead of time and tell us when you'll be gone. We'll help you make arrangements to keep your account current. The easiest way is with our Bank Draft Plan. This plan authorizes payment of your bills directly from your bank account without you doing anything. We will send you a copy of your bill before the bank draft is drawn, so you will know how much should be deducted when you balance your checkbook. We also offer a Pre-payment Plan. This plan provides an opportunity for you to pre-pay an amount that will be held by us, and your monthly bills will be deducted from that amount. You may request that we mail your bill to a third party or to an alternate address while you are gone.

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Billing Concerns

Q. What should I do if I think my bill is wrong?
A. Please call us at 1-800-563-0012 as soon as possible. Our trained customer service representatives can help you. Here are a few tips to remember if you call us about your bill:
Have your account number readily available.
Try to state your complaint or problem as clearly as possible.
If you have a suggestion for settling the problem, tell our customer service representative.
For your records, write down the first name of the person(s) you talk with and the date of your call.

Q. What if I'm not satisfied after talking to the customer service representative?
A. Ask to speak with his/her supervisor.

Q. What if I think the bill or the proposed solution is still wrong?
A. Naturally, we hope to be able to solve your problem ourselves, and we have skilled employees who regularly handle these matters. But if we can't answer your question to your satisfaction, we will advise you of your right to call or write the Arkansas Public Service Commission's Consumer Service Department to file a complaint without incurring a filing charge. The Commission's telephone number and address are:

Arkansas Public Service Commission
Attention: Consumer Service Department 1000 Center
P.O. Box 400
Little Rock, AR 72203-0400
Little Rock telephone number: 501-682-1718
Toll-free telephone number: 1-800-482-1164

Q. What rates are used in calculating my bills?
A. The rates applicable to residential service are detailed in SourceGas' tariffs. The Arkansas Public Service Commission approves these rate schedules.

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