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Natural Gas Safety

Q. What do I do if I smell gas?

A. Fortunately, there are warning signs of gas leaks that you can see, hear and smell such as:

Unusual behavior or yellowish-color flame on a gas appliance burner
A hissing sound or unusual noise from a gas appliance
An odor of gas (a smell similar to rotten eggs) inside or around your home
If you happen to smell gas in your home and the odor is light, make sure that all pilots are lit and the burners on your range haven't been accidentally turned on. If you are unsure or unable to find the source, open your windows and doors, go to a neighbor's house and call the emergency number at the top of this page.

Q. How to know where to dig?

A. The natural gas delivered to your home or business arrives through an intricate network of underground pipelines. They underlie the SourceGas service area like a massive spider web. The infrastructure supporting your neighborhood lies right there with them - conduits for communication, electric power and cable television often surprise those who fail to think before they dig. Far too often, a potential accident or pipeline break is just a careless backhoe, bulldozer, jackhammer or shovel away.

Call Arkansas One-Call System 1-800-482-8998
The Arkansas One-Call System is a statewide organization that makes locating lines easy. They operate a computerized notification center that establishes an important link between excavators and underground line operators like SourceGas. To use this free service, call Arkansas One-Call at 1-800-482-8998 a minimum of two days before you plan to dig. Your call sets the following process in motion:

Operators with underground facilities in the area where the excavation is planned are notified. This includes natural gas and power utilities, communications companies, and cities and towns.
Within 48 hours after being contacted, operator crews either mark their underground facilities with color-coded paint marks or flags, or tell the excavator they have no lines in the area.
The underground facilities are identified for the excavators follows:

Red - Electric
Orange - Telephone/TV
Green - Sewer
White - Proposed Excavation
Yellow - Gas, Oil or Steam
Blue - Water
Pink - Temporary Survey Markings

Helpful Digging Hints
Unless you're a professional, don't use excavation equipment in your yard. Do your digging with hand tools or enlist the assistance of a contractor. Please keep in mind that natural gas lines may be only a few inches underground. If you damage gas pipelines without having the lines located, you will be liable for repair costs and lost gas.