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Other Questions

Q. Does the Company ever refuse to serve someone?
A. Yes, under some circumstances. We will refuse service when the applicant:
  1. Has declared bankruptcy and has failed to post an adequate deposit;
  2. Can't be served because our pipelines don't serve the applicant's premises, or connection to our system may unfavorably affect the service of our existing customers;
  3. Has not provided acceptable evidence of his/her identity;
  4. Is not in compliance with our tariffs, which have been approved by the Arkansas Public Service Commission;
  5. Has not paid a billed Commission-approved charge associated with providing gas service;
  6. Has violated the utility's rules regarding the operation of non-standard equipment or unauthorized attachments, if the applicant was notified first and given a reasonable opportunity to comply with the rules;
  7. Has violated federal, state, or local laws or regulations through use of the service;
  8. Caused or threatened injury to a utility employee or an employee's family to prevent or to retaliate for an act the utility performs in the course of business;
  9. Caused or threatened to cause damage to utility property.
Q. What happens if someone steals gas from the Company?
A. In addition to legal remedies available to us, we will require a reasonable payment for estimated service. The amount of the payment required will be based on the average consumption during the period before you engaged in the unlawful or fraudulent use of our gas service or upon the consumption of another normal customer with a similar consumption pattern. In addition, we will require a deposit equal to the amount of six (6) average billing periods.