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Service Disconnection Questions

Voluntary Disconnection

Q. How do I stop my gas service?
A. Just call us at 1-800-563-0012 or write us a letter and tell us you want your gas service stopped. You must give us at least five (5) days notice before you want your gas turned off. If you write, we'll consider the notice to be given three (3) days after the letter is mailed. Naturally, until the gas service is terminated, during the five (5) day period, you're responsible for gas service to your location.

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Shut-Off Notices

Q. Will I receive a notice before my gas is disconnected for non-payment?
A. Yes, if your bill is unpaid as of 5 p.m. on the due date, we'll send a "Shut-Off Notice." This notice is either mailed or hand-delivered. If the Shut-Off Notice is hand-delivered, we'll give you five (5) days from the date of delivery to pay your past due bill before the gas is turned off. If the Shut-Off Notice is mailed, we'll allow you eight (8) days from the mailing date to pay your bill before the gas is turned off.

Q. What does a Shut-Off Notice say?
A. A Shut-Off Notice contains the following information:
  1. Your name and address and the address of the service location,
  2. The amount of the delinquent bill,
  3. The reason(s) for the suspension of service,
  4. A statement of what you can do to avoid suspension,
  5. The date on or after which service will be suspended unless you take appropriate action,
  6. If suspension is for non-payment, a statement that you may qualify to pay the bill in installments and avoid shut-off if you contact our Collections Team in Customer Care on or before the close of business on the due date of the Shut-Off Notice and request aninstallment plan,
  7. A statement that if you are a Residential customer who has a serious medical condition, or is 65 or older, or is handicapped, you may contact us about qualifying for delaying suspension of service,
  8. If service is suspended, what you must do, and the amount you must pay to have your service reconnected,
  9. The telephone number of our Collections Team where you may speak to one of our representatives, and the address of our office where you may speak to a representative in person.  However, please note that local office representatives cannot accept payments or make payment arrangements.
  10. The address and phone number where you may contact the Arkansas Public Service Commission concerning an unresolved complaint, and
  11. The amount of the collection fee we will charge you if we send a representative to your service address and collect the delinquent bill.
Q. After a Shut-Off Notice, when will you actually turn off the gas?
A. We will shut off gas service after the date indicated on the Shut-Off Notice or within a reasonable time thereafter - between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. We won't shut off gas on a day when the Company is closed or on the day before such a date. We also won't shut off the gas to residential customers on a day when the National Weather Service forecast, that morning, predicts a minimum temperature for the next twenty-four (24) hours of 32°F or lower.

Q. If I don't pay my gas bill, what will happen?
A. Of course, we'll try to work with you if you're having a temporary problem paying your due bill, but we will eventually shut off the gas when a bill isn't paid.  Please call us at 1.800.563.0012 as soon as possible to speak with a representative about your payment options.

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Suspension of Services

Q. Can the gas company turn off my gas without telling me in advance?
A. Yes, under certain circumstances. These are:
  1. When we think that turning the gas off is necessary to correct a situation that poses a health or safety hazard to you or others;
  2. To prevent the unauthorized use of service or tampering with pipes, meters and other company equipment;
  3. Failure to honor the terms of an Account Settlement Agreement, Extension Agreement, or Commission Order;
  4. Threatening or causing injury to our employee or the employee's family to prevent or retaliate for an act the employee performs in the course of business; or,
  5. Causing damage, or threatening to cause damage, to utility property.

Q. Under what circumstances does the Company suspend service?
A. For a variety of reasons. Such as:
  1. Failure to pay an undisputed delinquent account;
  2. A former customer who owes us an outstanding bill for service at the premises remains at the premises; a full-time occupant of the premises when the bill was incurred remains at the premises; or, a full-time user of the service when the bill was incurred remains at the premises;
  3. A current customer and a former customer who lived together at another location now live together at a new service location and the former customer owes a bill for service used during the time they lived together at a former location;
  4. The customer is not in compliance with a Commission order, Account Settlement Agreement, or Extension Agreement with the utility;
  5. The customer has not paid a deposit required by a utility for the service;
  6. Unauthorized use of service or tampering with utility equipment;
  7. A misrepresentation of fact relevant to the conditions under which the applicant or customer obtained or continued utility service;
  8. The customer has not paid a billed Commission-approved charge associated with providing service;
  9. Refusing to grant a utility access to its equipment at the customer's location at a reasonable time;
  10. Violating the utility's rule designed to prevent interference with the use of service by other customers, if the customer was notified first and given a reasonable opportunity to comply with the rules;
  11. Violating the utility's rules regarding the operation of non-standard equipment or unauthorized attachments, if the customer was notified first and given a reasonable opportunity to comply with the rules;
  12. Violating federal, state, or local laws or regulations through use of the service;
  13. Abandoning the premises served;
  14. Causing or threatening injury to a utility employee or an employee's family to prevent or to retaliate for an act the utility performs in the course of business;
  15. Causing damage to utility property;
  16. Threatening to cause damage to utility property;
  17. Not paying for damage to utility equipment on the customer's premises; or,
  18. A condition exists which poses a health or safety hazard.
  19. Despite the Shut-Off Notice, gas service won't be suspended if the customer pays the delinquent amount plus a collection fee when our representative arrives to cut off service. If the payment is made by personal check, our employees can refuse the check if you have given us two (2) checks within the previous twelve (12) months that have "bounced" for any reason other than bank error.

Q. Will the Company reconnect service after it's been suspended?
A. Once the reason for suspension has been resolved, we'll be happy to reconnect service to you upon payment of the reconnection fee. We'll schedule the reconnection for a time during our normal business hours, unless the suspension was our fault. In that case, we'll reconnect service as soon as possible. If the reason for the suspension was for unlawful or fraudulent use of our service, we will require a reasonable payment for estimated service received plus a deposit before we reconnect service. We may also refuse to reconnect service if the service has not been paid for, unless ordered to do so by the Arkansas Public Service Commission.

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How to Delay Suspension of Service

Q. Are there any special situations that would delay an individual's gas being turned off?
A. There are five (5) situations that delay a delinquent account from being shut-off - even if the gas bill remains unpaid. They are:
  1. An Extension Agreement, provided you contact us at 1-800-563-0012 on or before the due date of the Shut-Off Notice,
  2. A Delayed Payment Agreement, provided you contact us at 1-800-563-0012 on or before the due date of the Shut-Off Notice,
  3. Certified Medical Emergency,
  4. Special provisions for residential elderly or handicapped customers, and
  5. Landlord/tenant situations.
Q. What is an Extension Agreement?
A. An Extension Agreement gives you a few extra days to pay your account, if you are unable to pay your bill in full. You must contact our customer service representative on or before the due date of your Shut-Off Notice to prevent suspension of service.

Q. What determines a Certified Medical Emergency?
A. As we said earlier, we won't turn off your gas if you give us a certificate from a doctor stating that suspension of service would create a substantial risk of death or aggravate a serious illness for you, a member of your family, or other permanent residents of the premises where service is provided. Medical certificates are available by calling us at 1-800-563-0012 - the telephone number of the office is also noted on your Shut-Off Notice. This certificate should:
  1. Identify the individual,
  2. Identify the nature of the medical emergency,
  3. Specify the likely effects on the health of the individual from suspending gas service, and
  4. State length of time during which shutting off the gas would endanger the individual. Notice by telephone call from a doctor or nurse, nurse practitioner, physician's assistant, or public or private agency providing physical or mental healthcare services is acceptable if verified in writing within seven (7) days. Delaying suspension or reconnecting service under this certificate does not excuse you from being required to pay for the service.

Q. What are the special provisions for residential elderly or handicapped customers?
A. We have special procedures, for elderly or handicapped individuals that have been approved by the Arkansas Public Service Commission. If the Residential customer is 65 years old or older, or is physically or mentally handicapped, that person is eligible for special considerations. They are:
  1. A customer's gas will not be suspended if arrangements are made for a Delayed Payment Agreement; Levelized Billing Plan; or,
  2. We can arrange for third-party notification before suspension of service; and,
  3. We will provide the name of federal, state and local bill payment assistance agencies. Residential utility service for gas air conditioning customers will not be suspended on a day when the National Weather Service forecasts a maximum temperature for that day of 95°F or higher.

Q. What is the landlord/tenant scenario?

A. When a landlord doesn't pay the gas bill, we will notify the tenants seven (7) days after we send the landlord a Shut-Off Notice. Because several individuals may be involved, we will wait thirty (30) days from the date the landlord's bill was due before we shut off the gas at that location. When possible, we will offer each tenant the opportunity to apply for gas service in his/her own name. If this isn't practical, or if the tenant declines to apply for such service, we will turn off the gas.

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