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Service Type: All

Part I: General Schedules

Class of Service Schedule Name Sheet Number
All Utility Information 1.1
All Tariff Symbols 1.2
All Exemptions 1.3
All Company Filed Rules and Regulations Governing Gas Service 1.4

Part II: Rate Schedules

Class of Service Schedule Name Sheet Number
Residential Residential Sales Service 2.1
Commercial / Industrial Business 1 Sales Service 2.2
Commercial / Industrial Business 2 Sales Service 2.3
Commercial / Industrial Business 3 Sales Service 2.4
Commercial / Industrial Business 4 Sales Service 2.5
Commercial / Industrial Business 5 Sales Service 2.6
Commercial / Industrial Natural Gas Transportation Service 2.7
Commercial Unmetered Gas Lights Sales Service 2.8
All Charges Related to Customer Activity 2.9
All Extension of Facilities 2.10
Local Distribution
Local Distribution Company - Sales Service Only (LDC) 2.11
Commercial Irrigation Sales Service 2.12
All Natural Gas Vehicle 2.13
  Reserved for Future Use 2.14
  Reserved for Future Use 2.15
Commercial/Industrial Interruptible Market Center Services (MCS) 2.16

Part III: Rider Schedules

Class of Service Schedule Name Sheet Number
Residential Reserved for Future Use
Commercial / Industrial Business 1 Air Conditioning Rider 3.2
Commercial / Industrial Business 2 Air Conditioning Rider 3.3
All Weather Normalization Adjustment Rider 3.4
Commercial / Industrial Commercial / Industrial Large Air Conditioning Rider 3.5
All Billing Determinant Rate Adjustment Rider 3.6
All Cost of Gas Rider 3.7
All Act 310 Surcharge Rider 3.8
All Tax and Fee Rider 3.9
All Energy Efficiency Cost Recovery Rider 3.10
All Main Replacement Rider 3.11
All At Risk Meter Replacement 3.12

Part IV: Policy Statements

Class of Service Schedule Name Sheet Number
All Curtailment Policy 4.1
All Balanced Billing Plan 4.2
Residential Provision for Landlords and Tenants 4.3
Residential Extended Absence Plan 4.4
Residential Extended Due Date Plan 4.5
Residential Penalty Waiver Plan 4.6
All Gas and Measurement Standards
All Authorized Payment Outlets 4.8